Lupaus laadusta

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Liekoranta is a family business with decades of experience. Our business includes party and celebration services, a local food shop, a mini café and an inn with a restaurant. Our catering service covers all of Finland, and if needed we also travel beyond the border.


We hope you will enjoy Liekoranta!

Saila and Matti Valkeaniemi and our staff


The inn was built in 1901 by Herman Ulven and his wife Aleksandra Rasi, and they were granted rights to run a hostelry. Rights were granted a second time in Liekoranta in the 1920s. At the time, building the inn cost about 200 Finnish Marks, and much manual labour. Liekoranta got its name from Lake Liekovesi, which is on the courtyard side of the inn a stone's throw away from the building. The shore was once part of Liekoranta, having been expropriated by the city. Businesses in Liekoranta have included the Ulven waterworks, post office, café and hostelry. Some form of food and lodging has been available continuously for more than 110 years.




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